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Aktiv Kapital Debt Collecting Agency is a debt purchasing/selling company listed in the website of the






Name: Aktiv Kapital Debt Collecting Agency
Also Known As: Aktiv Kapital Asset Investments Ltd, Aktiv Krapital, etc., etc.
Address: Wells House, 15-17 Elmfield Road, Bromley, Kent BR1 1LT
Fax: 0208 1311022
Email: [user] @aktiv-kapital.co.uk
Extra Data:
Specialists in dealing in Statute Barred credit agreements (see below).

Aktiv Kapital Debt Collecting Agency and the Truth About Your Debt

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Aktiv Kapital Debt Collecting Agency is a debt collection company that has purchased the debt from the original creditor, usually a bank (or in some cases another debt purchaser) for about 10 percent or less of the original value and is shamelessly trying to get the full sum of the original account from you.

Aktiv Kapital Debt Collecting Agency will use all sorts of nasty methods to get you to set up a standing order or direct debit so that they can profit from your misery. You may have already experienced bad dealings with them. They may phone you up when they know it is inconvenient or even embarrassing for you and do so several times every day. They may write official appearing sternly worded letters or cards threatening to 'send the boys round' and collect the money in full or that they will take you to court for the full amount. Other tricks may involve saying that they will make a charging order on your property or make you homeless.

So ask Aktiv Kapital Debt Collecting Agency for a copy of the original contract when you took out your loan or credit card.





More Data On Aktiv Kapital Debt Collecting Agency

I am grateful to the excellent Consumer Action Group forum for the following:

[Aktive Kapita Debt Collecting Agency] are a nightmare to say the least.

My husband received a letter from a solicitor acting on their behalf back in May stating an outstanding amount to them which we had no clue of. We then sent a CCA to Aktive Kapita (recorded and signed for) in May and the solicitors backed off.

Heard nothing until .... weeks ago my mother in law (elderly and quite panicky) recieved a visit from an agent of Robinson and Co regarding the debt and were quite agressive. She is now keeping her door closed and scared they will return. They left a card so I rang the number and informed them of what had happened and Aktive Kapita's failiure to comply to communication and they agreed to back off and refer back to Robinson and Co.

Our comments: Note how these companies are quite chummy amongs themselves. They plan things by strategy, even to the extent of frightening the elderly. But the law seems to allow this.


If you have any information that you would like honest people to know about Aktiv Kapital Debt Collecting Agency then send us an email in complete confidence and we will try to corroborate it with the clowns involved.




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