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Aktiv Kapital Debt Collectors is a debt purchasing company/debt collecting company in the site of the






Name: Aktiv Kapital Debt Collectors
Also Known As: Aktiv Kapital Debt Collectors, Aktiv Krapital, etc., etc.
Address: Wells House, 15-17 Elmfield Road, Bromley, Kent BR1 1LT
Fax: 0208 1311022
Email: [user] @aktiv-kapital.co.uk
Extra Data: Aktiv Kapita are adept at getting people to pay debts which have already been satisfied in full. Also multiple entries on your credit file for the same debt, even if it's been paid off (see below for more details.)

Aktiv Kapital Debt Collectors and the Truth About Your Debt

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Aktiv Kapital Debt Collectors is a debt collecting agents that has bought the debtor account from the original creditor (or in some cases another debt collector) for pennies on the pound and is brazenly attempting to get the full sum of the original account from you.

Aktiv Kapital Debt Collectors will use all sorts of nasty methods to get you to set up a standing order so that they can make a quick profit. You may already have had bad dealings with them on the phone or by letter. They may phone you at odd times and do this lots of times. They may send you official-looking nastily worded letters or cards threatening to send someone round and collect the full amount or that they will take you to court if you cannot pay. Their other tactics may include attempting to make a charging order on your home or make you homeless.

So ask Aktiv Kapital Debt Collectors for a copy of the original contract when you took out your loan or credit card.





More Data On Aktiv Kapital Debt Collectors

I am grateful to the excellent Consumer Action Group forum for the following:

Can a finance company default on you, then sell the debt on and, have the new creditors default on you ON THE SAME DAY? Without even giving you a chance to repay the original loan?

Answer: No. The default can only go onto your credit file once - this is a data protection breach.

A default can only be legally issued ONCE on the same debt. It has a 'life-span' of six years and must come off the credit reference agencies' files after this time - this is the law under the Consumer Credit Act.

However,if they DO re-issue the default, it is NOT consumer credit law being broken; it comes under the Data Protection Act.

You can obtain a report 'Defaults Filed with Credit Reference Agencies' by Carol Hufton, from the Citizen's Advice Bureau. It was published in June 1999 by the Data Protection Registrar to 'give the registrars view on the standards of data quality which should be met when filing information about Defaults'.

The report states that 'the date of the default should not post date the CCJ or bankruptcy', and that otherwise is 'a breach of the 1st Data Protection Principle' - 'the re-recording of a default is not acceptable'.

If you have any information that you would like honest people to know about Aktiv Kapital Debt Collectors then send us an email in complete confidence and we will try to corroborate it with the clowns involved.




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