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Aktiv Kapital Debt Collectors

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Aktiv Kapital Debt Collectors is a debt purchasing/debt collecting company listed in the website of the DBSG (The Debt Buyers and Sellers Group) and/or mentioned in consumer finance forms. They have a legitimate function as debt collectors, but there is some indication that some such companies (not necessarily Aktiv Kapital), and especially the debt purchasing element, go a bit too far sometimes and can make people's lives a misery when those same people are at their most vulnerable. We do not suggest that they are acting outside the law, but getting that letter or phone call is not exactly helpful to you right now.

So the first thing you must do if Aktiv Kapital is bothering you is not to panic or despair. That's just what they want! They'd love you to call their number and speak to their specially trained sales team for 'advice'. But once you do that you'll be suggestible to whatever they tell you, instead of getting independent advice. While we always say that you should keep an open dialogue with debt collectors, we would recommend that you do so in writing only. This will prevent them 'railroading' you into any action which is not in your best interests, as they so love talking people into doing things on the spur of the moment. Of course, they are only doing their job, but that's hardly a consolation for you in the present situation.

There are several courses that are open to you, and some will suit your own situation better than others.

A sensible option, we would suggest, is a debt management plan or even an IVA - which is designed to actually write off a large chunk of your unsecured debt. But you would need to take advice on this and look at your income and expenditure in detail. This option won't suit everyone. There's more on this below.

As an alternative you could apply for a 'logbook loan' which many people find a very handy option. It is actually a loan secured on your car, except you get to keep the car and keep the cash as well! That's why some people find it such a good idea, as it unlocks the equity in your vehicle without taking away your means of transport (there's no need to sell the car). To apply for a logbook loan click here.

Yet another option is a no credit-check guarantor loan. This is especially useful because your own credit rating is not looked at; you must find someone else willing to act as a guarantor for you such as a friend or family member. This is an ideal solution if you're at the stage where your credit profile has been downgraded by recent events, etc. So click the following link for Unsecured Loans that don't need you to be credit checked.

If you wanted to try a debt management plan, then we provide a whole-of-market service, with a number of debt management experts on our panel. So whatever your circumstances, your application will find the plan for you, meaning the optimum outcome for your situation. It also means there are no minimum requirements for debt levels or income.

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DPC Registry.


Name: Aktiv Kapital
Also Known As: Aktiv Kapital Debt Collectors, Aktiv Kapital Asset Investments Ltd, Aktiv Krapital, etc., etc.
Address: Wells House, 15-17 Elmfield Road, Bromley, Kent BR1 1LT
Telephone: 0208 3130033
Fax: 0208 1311022
Email: [user]
Extra Data:


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More Data On Aktiv Kapital

I have never had any dealings with Aktiv Kapital myself so I have had to rely heavily on the various personal finance forums to get a feel of how these particular people operate.

Every debt purchasing company has an angel, a specialisisation. Unfortunately, Aktiv Kapital's specialisation appears to lie in trying to get people to pay money for debts which are already paid or which are Statute Barred (there has been no reference to the debt for six years, therefore it is seen as a 'dead' debt).

Well, someone has to specialise in this, I suppose. It just so happens that Aktiv Kapita is the particular bottom-feeder who does this, although other DPCs do it as well as a specialisation or a sideline (q.v.).

I am grateful to the excellent Consumer Action Group forum for the following:

I just got a letter from Aktiv Kapital asking me for 622 pounds, so I called them. I got some arrogant teenager talking to me like I was some kind of idiot. I gave him the names of Aktiv Kapital staff who I had dealt with in the past regarding the matter, convieniently they all left the company .... I told him the first name of the lady concerned which was distinctive; he then slipped up and gave me her surname which was clearly on the screen in front of him.

This company is an absolute joke, who chance their arm with scare tactic letters. My advice is either don't respond to them or go the whole hog and ask for the matter to go to court. These guys must cause so many sleepless nights for those who dont know better. Trying to assist them in clarifying is pointless; they make no money from acknowledging the fact they have actually got a debt that has been satisfied.


If you have any information that you would like honest people to know about Aktiv Kapital then send us an email in complete confidence and we will try to corroborate it with the clowns involved.


This Aktiv Kapital page is part of DPC Registry. Consumer Credit Licence .

Please be aware that figures entered need to be accurate by law, and to give the best service to you. It is extremely important that you budget for all necessary expenditure including rent or mortgage, council tax and utility bills, etc., and any other necessary outgoings related to the upkeep of your household and in relation to any specific circumstances which may apply to you or your household. This website only collects data on behalf of debt management professionals, from which it will receive affiliate remuneration for data collection only and does not itself engage in any debt management services. Other debt management options are available and may be more suitable. People entering into an IVA or debt management will have this entered on their credit profile and this may affect their ability to get credit in the short term or even in the long term in some cases. It is free to apply from this website; you will be given advice by debt management professionals and a 'cooling off' period, by law, to decide whether or not the debt management plan is suitable for you, and you should be aware that a fee will be chargeable upon a successful arrangement, as with any commercial transaction. Failure to meet the repayments on an IVA or any debt management programme may result in serious consequences, including, but not limited to, bankruptcy. Bankruptcies, CCJs and similar defaults will be entered into a public register and will remain there for a statutory period of not less than six (6) years.



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